Paintings Archive

Over the years, I’ve made quite a lot of paintings; a few watercolours and pastels, but essentially oils, of which the majority were portraits. Most of them were copied from photographs, internet images, or from paintings by other artists. It was my way of learning. Once finished, they tended to lie around the house until chucked out to make room for more canvases.

So now I’m using this page as an archive of my paintings, and as a reminder of my many varied sources.

I am not a professional artist, but if you see one you like, and think you might want to buy it, please do make me an offer at or send a direct Instagram message to @whichart_in_devon.

The paintings are on canvas or Ampersand museum quality Gessobord and all sales are offered ‘unframed and plus postage at actual cost’.

THE TURBAN By courtesy of John Coe and Mary Byrne


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