South Wales


A novel of strong women and work-hardened men.

Headstones is a work of fiction. It is about fictional people whose story follows closely the known events in the lives of some real people. However, all reference to their beliefs, thoughts, reactions, motivations and spoken words is my own. The real people who had these names didn’t necessarily say these things, think these things, or do these things. Although sometimes they might have done.

The book tells the story of two families – Edwards and Thomas – as they are drawn by the tide of immigration into the Rhondda valley coalfield of the 1840’s from their origins in the borderlands of Breconshire.

It is a story of how people seek opportunity, learn new skills , bend, adapt, refashion themselves as the world around them changes, and sometimes have their principles sorely tested. A story of how men strive to harden their bodies without hardening their hearts and how strong women, always present, not always in the background, keep nudging them forward in the face of adversity.

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